Mike Meisberger

I started my journey with Issac last February. I was out of shape, down on my luck, depressed, and had no direction. The one phone call started a process that changed all of that. I’m down 60 lbs. from my starting weight, but that’s the least important part. The no excuse montra is something that you install into your everyday routine. It starts something in you that takes over and you can see your life transform. Since that phone call, I’ve been able to move to Miami, face obstacles in front of me with conviction that used to crumble me, and have a sense of confidence that isn’t fake, I know I can do what needs to get done to achieve my goals. No one is happier about this then Isaac, I can’t even match his excitement when he hears about the positive changes in his clients lives, and I’m living it. So I’ve lost weight, lost self doubt, gained muscle and confidence. Most importantly, I’ve gained a friend in my corner that won’t let me quit, won’t let me bullshit, and most important, won’t give up on me, even when I want to myself.